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The book of the future is a fragile thing
Like a crystal sending off little rainbow prisms
So why is it as tough as granite stone paved with ice?
With silky white pages all grouped together neatly
Like little honey bees, coming back from work
So why are all of them browned and torn?
Bound in all of God's favorite colors
Like the inside of a bubble
So why now is it dull and gray?
The words are clear and beautifully spun
Like an antique rug woven by Indians
So why does every blurred word spell out "Disaster"?
The book of the future is made by every tree they say.
Every tree however, could not admire their work
It's cover is laced with sapphires and rubies
Sapphires and rubies that reflected the evil grin of their placers
The cover is the fur of the strongest animals
The binders would've been better off with the lion's heart
The text is written with liquid copper
Which is now not even green anymore...
How great it would've been if we could read this book
How great it would have been if the world hadn't ended
Because of this book
Now much out of it's prime
It's too cold to touch
Not to mention no one dares open it now,
For they will only read one legible word
I wrote this for my own enjoyment. I just got the idea from :iconlostbooks:'s contest but I shall not enter because I do not want to trouble this fine curator with my mediocre poetry.

EDIT: Guess what people? I actually did enter the contest. And I won 3rd place. I'd like to pay my thanks to :iconlostbooks: for bestowing such honor upon my mediocre poetry. lol.
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cappyandpashy4ever Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2008
Liquid copper...I like it :D Nice mental illustrations you've got going here!
Inazuma-desu Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
thankyou. no one else looked at it.
cappyandpashy4ever Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2008
Rofl, I'm addicted to your icon, I've been staring at it for four minutes.
Inazuma-desu Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
haha. i hate it
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September 7, 2008
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