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I never knew it was wrong
To walk tiptoe, wherever I go
I thought it was strength
In being unique
But my tendon has been shortened
If it stretches it could break
And with taunts and training my tolerance has lengthened
My weakness is a secret
I could take it all you know
Your mockery, the ignorance
The fright, the contagion
And you sir, may tear me up inside
But I shall inhale
No tears of mine shall fall
For I was designed to take it all
So I like to think myself a warrior
I'll vanquish you with silence
Eviscerate the next one
And him after that
Wielding my abuscadoe
My passive passadoes
Mere soldiers can not harm me
As long as they remain my plaything
But sir and gentlemen
It's not in my best interest
To be akin to them
But desire and friendship bring us close
And I can't bring myself to break ties
I always take a favorite
And in taking him is
My downfall to invite
My family and my friends,
They attempt to keep me
Accusing my comrades
Strangers to them
Of treachery
I challenge their t
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Odyssey Into the Sun
Last night, I had a dream
Where the roads and streets
Sung me a song-
With lyrics proclaiming of my return
To home
Officials trotted behind me
My safeguards pleased
To do as I pleased
And to protect
As I pleased them to protect
Their pitch black suits
Their tinted glasses
Simple muscular shells
Giving me a sense of security
As I journeyed on
I always know
Where it is that I am headed
I follow the sidewalks
Which overnight sprang up
As miraculous passageways of safety
Beside the dangerous highways
A woman's voice sings out in a twang
In a country genre
"I'm coming home,
Returning to my hearth
where I was raised."
And city sirens blast by
The street ran alongside me
As I strode ahead
Like a black river
Like a super-saturated calligraphy brush
Drawn between spans of green turf
Artificial landscapes,
Flow so naturally
We pass "the corporation"
Where everyone in my homeland
Can be found working
"Not necessarily for good," Some say
Well then not necessarily for bad
Can also be assumed
My gua
:iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 0 0
Chapter: 3
Brie hung back in the shop, awkwardly shuffling her feet.  She just had nowhere else to be at the time, so she remained exposed in the silence.  The bus wouldn't come for another thirty-minutes, and it would be late.  So the girl tried something, to look at nothing.  She focused on the space of air in the middle of two floor tiles, immediately being swept into the current of her self-reflections.  This time it was her job.
There are usually two types of common job complaints, money problems and the don't-enjoy-your-work issue.  This was the latter.  Brie was always interested in the arts, and why not? Art, in your school day, is for the most part a student's break.  It was fun, relaxing, and yet still challenging.  The teachers would tell you how important the arts are for you, and they are, and they'd tell you that there are jobs for artists, and it made you ecstatic.  Imagine doing som
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Chapter: 2
The bell on the corner of the door rang as Kostya stamped into the fabric shop.  The costume designer stood silent and doe-eyed, and a tall curvaceous woman came out from behind a checkout counter to greet him.  Her hair was in ringlets, yet cut asymmetrical and short.  She walked over to Kostya and held out her hand.
"Lizabeth Collins, and you must be Mr. Holub.  It's nice to meet you." She peered over her glasses as she spoke.
"Pleasure." He shook her hand, and it was to talk to someone who at least acted professional.  Then she returned to the counter and he looked to the blonde.  "...And you are?"
"Gabrielá....Hearst...." The girl started slowly.
He looked her over.  Natural hair color, simple outfit, plain make-up...what is she trying to say about herself this way?
She took the silence as a cue to keep talking.
"Well, I go by Brie...and I mainly do costume design, but you know I've been waiting for an oppor
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Chapter: 1
An old man stood at the US Customs Service, waiting in a line of a hundred ambitions, motives and plans.  He was just another ingredient in this stew of people, ready to be mixed in with the rest, and become just another foreign face in the crowd.  He had a fresh beard grown out, and had abandoned style for the drab clothes of your average rural European man seeking opportunity in America.  But maybe the man wasn't so completely different from the other people standing in the line; he had his motives, he had a plan.
"May I see your papers sir?" A plump woman looked up at him, smiling.
He handed them to her and frowned.
She was wearing too much blush, and the print on her jacket failed to even be presentable with the blouse she was wearing, but it was his nature to nitpick.
"Thank you Mr. Kozel.  Have a nice day!" She butchered his name with a hot-pink, cheap lipstick smile.
The man took back his papers and walked on towards a new life.
The sky wa
:iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 1 0
Dr. Life and the Gentlemen
(An old man sits at the top of a big, round, wooden table his eyes contemplate the table and he sighs.  There are others seated at the table, their faces darkened.)
"Well you see, I never said I knew what would happen after it all went black and they put me in the ground." 
(The darkened faces all speak in unison with genuine curiosity)
"Who are you?"
(The old man looks up, and gives the impression he's looking everyone in the eye.)
"I was born Mustab Kevorkian, my teachers called me Jack.  Because of my interest and fascinations with death, and my, although many say otherwise, compassion for the dying.  My peers famously dubbed me, Dr. Death."
(One of the faces lights up and looks to him.  He is a middle aged man with curly, brown hair.  And his face shows a gentle expression, and he speaks with a voice to match.)
"What exactly did you do then, Dr. Kevorkian?  What compelled you to do the controversial things that you did?"
(Dr. Kevorkian furrows
:iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 0 1
Saved my Life
It was a day in my youth
Where a headache saved my life
From all sorts of torture and dismay
The sun was closing up shop, he was
And, like always, he took the stairs down the sky, into the polluted clouds
There was no escaping the almost deathly humid air
As we sat in the haunted house on the hill
In the middle of suburbia
There was shrieking, and writhing
There was someone I loved possessed by drugs
There was a man that I hadn't ever though of as a stranger, but I was wrong
There was stomping, shouting, and manic depression
There was me in the corner, standing stolid and afraid
My familiar, uncomfortable world was shaken
And was crumbling fast before my eyes
It started when the sun got up, went to work
And the morning bells were chiming
Someone spoke;
"I have such a bad headache,"
And that's when God flicked the switch
It was just two big red pills
Meant to make people good, not well
It was just a few minutes
A gulp....
And it began
Your body is supposed to like it
But I've seen the t
:iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 0 0
J.A.Y draft
Born a Bonchance
"Dear Diary,
My name is Jewel Aria Lagore, There's a tradition in my family that when you turn 14, you get to take on the new family name and begin your own pokemon journey, I am two days away from that very day.  Two more days, but I don't know what pokemon I want to pick yet, I mean, there's a lot of them!  It's hard to imagine too, that I'm about to become a Bonchance, a celebrity, and destined to become a champion..."
The pencil stopped.  I could not think of anything more that I would want to write down.
  There was one more thing though, to become great like Kelsey.  It was something not hours or days away but years.  An incredible feat that would happen in time.
Kelsey was born the oldest out of six, and was brought up by the parents in Vermillion, by the ocean.  She was the original champion, winning Pokemon league tournaments in three different regions.
Every one of my siblings born after he
:iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 0 0
Anxiety Attack
She was a bombshell.
Her come-hither eyelashes
beckoned you to her
and convinced you she was just another task
like all the others.
While at the same time her lips subtly emitted caution,
and she silently spoke;
"Try me if you dare"
You tried too hard to complete her,
ideas raced through your head
and you paced in circles over and over again.
You tried to think of a way and you couldn't.
After you sat down a failure and submitted into the arms of Sleep
Under the not so watchful eye of Night.
Then that's when she crept through the front door
before stalking stealthily through the halls.
She was a cat and the world was her walk.
Then she stole into your bedroom
Suddenly you had awoke.
She was peeling your eyes wide open with nails cut as delicate as diamonds
and one soft, sweet hand was at your throat
Gasping for breath you had peered over the side of your bed
to see a steady deluge licking up at your matress.
Her lips pressed into your temple,
and in her most sultry of voices your assai
:iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 3 4
Mixed Feelings
What you said
The things that ripped and slashed
And almost bled victims to their deaths
You don't take responsibility for their pain
As they slowly suffer and their world descends in one tragic spiral
From only one foul swoop
And they're lucky to be alive
And you don't care
You don't care because "it's not your fault"
You have a hard life and everyone's sympathy
While your prey tumbles over and over again
Scarred and sore from trying to escape
They almost died
And it's okay
Because you'll forget it in the morning
You will probably never know what became of those souls
The ones that believed they lived to please
Who would look lower and lower for appreciation and praise
Until fully embraced by lowly scum
Some of them never coming out
They feel safe while risking their lives day by day
You did this to them, and they know very well
And they're too good to hate you
Because even though they lost so much
And you took it all away
But still, they pray so dearly for you
When his fists beat you
:iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 1 3
Forgotten Unforgetting
I dream of the day
When one of those
"so I was thinking about youuuu"
"Hey remember that time?"
Messages are sent to me
But no, my inbox is empty
Void of those friendships that weren't supposed to fail
The ones that were supposed to bridge gaps
The best friends to end the possibilities for any others
I may have moved, but we were a chain of spider silk
Stronger than kevlar and expendably to infinite bounds
Yet when I moved, somehow I still burned up the links
By being too busy to call
By listening to rap
By hanging out with the populars
By playing volleyball
By going to parties
I destroyed those relationships for something bigger
Something sustainable and rewarding
I know I paid some high prices
And tolls were taken on both my body and soul
And it's true that when your popular
You stress over all the littlest things
So when you move again and it's all over
You end up with nothing, relishing what you had
And you realize it's true that you don't know what y
:iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 0 0
'The Want'
There's this thing everyone feels
It's a thing that hurts even those who can't feel pain
And puts that energetic spark back in the eyes of suicidals
It's that ebbing pull that you can't shake
For hour upon the hour upon the hour upon the hour
There's this thing that makes your heart alternate racing like a formula 1
And then brings it down oh so slowly and gently to a nice easy throb
Like the rocking of a sweetheart child to sleep
There's this thing called "The Want"
It can spread disease throughout
Leaving many a people mere outlines of what they used to be,
and who they could've been.
But don't get me wrong,
and trust me with absolute faith when I tell you "The Want"
Is one HELL of a miracle worker.
Those who were told that they couldn't, they didn't, they weren't, they never,
and all other negations you can think of
"The Want" will come to be your ultimate savior or demise.
A power to feel, to know, to think, to dream, to wish, to be
To change, to evolve, to get better, to feel grea
:iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 3 2
I Want Real Trees
I don't know how to tell you this
But I have this problem you see,
My problem being I want actual trees
The dense maples
The sturdy elms
Not these horrible conifer things
I want them to change color in the fall
I want them to lose their leaves
I don't just want them to sit there
Staying the same
Like nasty not living things
So I guess fruit might make it better
And dense fronds with unique shapes
Beautiful, different
And people DREAM of seeing these things
But really now the problem is the weather
And it's really a bother to be sincere
The winter never comes
The sun never sleeps
So these beautiful trees
Which I'm sure would be quite pretty in the fall
Just sit there all year long
As green, shiny, and now ugly
Synthetic awful things
Spinning debates up in my brain
Is really quite the chore
Here's my true opinion
And please do not judge
I just hate these places you're making me stay
So won't you just give it up?
My friends with the maples and elms
Don't remember me at all anymore
And wha
:iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 1 3
Mature content
Last Night's Dream :iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 5 5
The Bench-Swing
When I look back into my mind
And Into my heart for whatever I might find
The only thing that I ever see
Is a girl of about, say three
With brown hair
And strange, small, grey eyes
Sitting on a robin-egg blue a bench swing
And this girl wasn't swinging to newfound highs
She was still as if asleep
And for a three year old
Her thoughts were ranged a little too deep
This girl thought about the end of things
The death of things
And how her namesake great-grandma felt
Before and after she heaved in one last time
A puzzle to the girl which made her silent as a mime
However just like any little girl
She turned her head to watch the birds fly by
And think of the cheerful little cardinals instead
It pains me to think she had no idea
What was going to happen to her ultimately
In fact it almost brings me to tears
Like a funeral for someone you never really knew
I wanted her to always be happy
And sit in that bench-swing of robin-egg blue
For long trials awaited her
Ones that would turn her into a
:iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 0 2
Funky Colors, yo by Inazuma-desu Funky Colors, yo :iconinazuma-desu:Inazuma-desu 0 0


Rock it, bitches by ShiningBarboach Rock it, bitches :iconshiningbarboach:ShiningBarboach 2 2
Not Quite Right
When I walk through the streets
I'm just a bend in the light.
yet not quite right.
But I'm close enough
and maybe thats fine.
Still I'm not sure when
I forsook all those lines.
Fill me with one last ending
that eradicates my guilt.
And dream me to warm dark places
where the pulse began to build.
Sing me just one last lullaby
before I'll have to go without.
But really just take me anywhere
except now.
When you look to my eyes
I think you see my blight;
weary, scared,
And not quite right.
I think you know too much
but maybe that's good.
Cause you're the only one
That really ever could.
Fill me with one last ending
that eradicates my guilt.
And dream me to warm dark places
where the pulse began to build.
Sing me just one last lullaby
before I'll have to go without.
But really just take me anywhere
except now.
When I find myself alone
I try to be really bright,
but end up feeling dark
and not quite right.
There's something gone
and maybe that's okay,
though I wish I could
face a
:iconabloomith:Abloomith 1 3
Meet Me Halfway
Walk with me
Meet me halfway
Cry upon my shoulder
Because there’s nowhere else to
Rest your head
‘Tell me your troubles’
You say
But I’ll just smile
Because I already have
I, who seeks solace in songs
Hiding pain with elegance
Screams shrouded in sonnets
Stay in bed because you don’t
Feel beautiful that morning
Listen to others as they tell you
What I’ve told you
Time and time again
Help me just enough to
Make yourself feel like
A good person
Tell me you have to go
And I’ll want to say
‘When will you be back?’
But I won’t
Because we both know
That would be too close
To our boundaries
So I'll say my goodbyes
And swallow my tears
And watch as you
:iconcappyandpashy4ever:cappyandpashy4ever 4 6
portal falls by reciprocated portal falls :iconreciprocated:reciprocated 10 1 Horses game VIIII by Lilia73 Horses game VIIII :iconlilia73:Lilia73 6 1
Message from themanonthemoon
I am sick of cheese,
please send bread and perhaps a
bottle of red wine.
:icondanteholic:Danteholic 16 29
Blue Moon
You came to me in the 19th year...
Last night of the old...
First day of the
That night the Moon was full...
A blizzard was comin'...
The trains were
A Blue Moon on New Years...
Only every nineteen...
A lifetime of
They say nothin' special happens...
When it's a Blue Moon...
Whadda they know
Moods and tides are known...
To change with the moon...
Growth of plants &
Love came to me in the 19th year...
You kissed me in the snow...
Like an old movie-
Each month when the moon is full...
Reminds me of my love for you...
My Blue Moon
:iconmelly4260:melly4260 5 7
Spirit of Fire by ArwenAmidala Spirit of Fire :iconarwenamidala:ArwenAmidala 2 8 Woven by everythingsbroken Woven :iconeverythingsbroken:everythingsbroken 3,323 497 base used 1 by foofoo1515 base used 1 :iconfoofoo1515:foofoo1515 5 9 a man in my bed by Go-Devil-Dante a man in my bed :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 857 655 Whoop whoop by ticticai Whoop whoop :iconticticai:ticticai 3 14
Love poem homicides
i stutter when i'm nervous which is almost all the time. she used to say that it was cute and that i was cute, count my smattering of freckles and call each one an angel toothed nibble and whatever that meant it sounded un-hideous so i didn't ever disagree.
i think it was that time in the sun drowned jungle where the children shoot each other with invisible guns that i realized she wasn't exactly normal. she kissed me under the gnarled roof where gold dusted fairy motes hang like clouds waiting anxiously for rain and i stuttered because her lips were my side of the pillowcase and pink corner store bubble gum.
she smiled like white linoleum and laughed.
what's the matter, she asked, are you frightened?
yes, i thought. but i said no, reached into the warm forever between us and took hold of her hands. their nails were painted up like tiny little apricots and i remember that to to this day.
that's good, she said. she kissed me again.
she tried to put her tongue into my mouth and i wasn't
:iconbeanstalk-warrior:Beanstalk-Warrior 29 34
Beeper in love by DaffyDuckWorld Beeper in love :icondaffyduckworld:DaffyDuckWorld 12 9 Toilet Paper by PixelsRainDesign Toilet Paper :iconpixelsraindesign:PixelsRainDesign 91 20



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